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  1. Data Dives  -  Permitting delays could massively slow offshore wind growth

    Permitting bottlenecks for renewable energy projects have been getting more attention from policymakers over the last year, but more solutions are needed, Norwegian consultancy says.

  2. Wind’s headwinds

    Bloomberg reports on how despite ambitious growth goals, wind energy is facing inflation, supply-chain challenges and permitting delays that threaten said ambition....

  3. Latest News  -  Paper weighing down Europe’s renewables push

    COPENHAGEN — Dozens of thick, paper-filled binders stand carefully lined up next to each other across an office hallway. The thousands of printed pages are the documents one developer needs to physically hand in to apply for a permit to build a small wind farm in Germany.

  4. Latest News  -  Slow approval of renewables projects puts climate goals at risk

    In 2012, a Danish renewable energy developer applied for a permit to build an offshore wind farm in the country’s southern waters that could power 350,000 homes.

  5. Latest News  -  Renewables boss says world needs to prop up new energy system

    Power grids, undersea cables and ports are overlooked yet essential connectors ensuring renewable energy can flow across great distances from production to consumption.

  6. Latest News  -  Fight brews in Europe over how to supply renewable hydrogen

    Tucked between two fjords, the Norwegian peninsula of Herøya recently became home to the world’s first fully automated facility that builds electrolyzers.

  7. Latest News  -  Offshore wind to test Europe’s teamwork

    Europe is betting heavily on offshore wind to decarbonize its energy system and boost its energy security, looking at the North Sea—nestled between seven countries and connected to the Atlantic Ocean—as its next giant green power plant.

  8. Data Dives  -  In a first, U.S. renewables generation overtakes coal

    The United States generated more electricity from renewable energy than from coal last year, a first that illustrates the transition underway in the country.

  9. Harder Line  -  If we can’t build things, we can’t tackle climate change: the problem

    Local opposition, convoluted permitting processes and backlogged bureaucracies are hamstringing our attempts to tackle climate change.

  10. Latest News  -  U.S. carbon storage projects pile up at EPA

    As Washington wages parallel battles on permitting and new environmental regulations, one conundrum crisscrosses both: A pileup of permit applications to store carbon dioxide underground.

  11. Harder Line  -  If we can’t build things, we can’t tackle climate change: potential solutions

    The U.S. government, venture capitalists and academics are looking for solutions to a messy trio of local opposition, outdated permitting processes and backlogged bureaucracy that’s threatening to upend America’s rapid shift to clean energy.

  12. Explainers  -  Storage quest arises amid hydrogen rush

    Two underground caverns nearly twice the height of the Eiffel Tower are poised to store enough hydrogen to provide seasonal backup for variable renewable electricity.